Party Themes

Sports Graduation Party Theme - Is your teen or college grad an athlete? If so, use this to show a slide show of awards, photos, sport home movies. Decorate the main party room with goal posts or pom-poms. Suggested rental units: Mechanical Bull (shown with 10' x 10' Tent optional rental), the Outdoor Movie Screen (20'W x 13' H x 8'L). More ideas visit Jumpin Beans Party Rentals

"This Is Your Life" Graduation Party - This theme is all about the graduate. Use either our large or small projector to show him/her off by displaying photo albums, home movies and decorating in his/her favorite colors. Do a 'peek into the future' banner with your graduate's future plans.

Party Food

Graduation Cupcakes
Diploma Sandwiches
Diploma Appetizers
Misc. Cake, Sandwich, and Appetizers

Party Games

Very Large List of Various Games
Be Sure and Check out Jumpin Beans Party Rentals for Deluxe and Standard Games!

Rental Units

Equipment Suggestions

  • Mechanical Bull with optional tent rental
  • Strip Photo Booth
  • Large Outdoor Movie Screen
  • 60 Inch Round Tables
  • 20' x 20' Dance Floor
  • Speakers - Shown with optional podium
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